What Happens After I Book a Service?
Once you've booked a service, it's considered pending. Find out what happens next and what to expect during this phase.

After you book a job with SEQSparky, our AI software gets to work. It assesses your job requirements, the timeframe you've provided, and finds an ideal slot in our schedule. Once the AI finalizes a suitable schedule, our dispatch team reviews the proposed plan. If everything checks out, the job is approved and locked into our system.

Job acceptance with SEQSparky is typically smooth. However, in rare cases, your job might not be accepted. This usually happens if the scope of the job is too large for the short notice given. For instance, if a customer requests a complex task like a ducted system installation for the next day, it may not be feasible for us to

To edit a pending job, head to your dashboard and select 'My Jobs'. Here, you'll see a list of your current pending jobs. Simply click on the job you want to modify. You can make necessary edits or even cancel the job if needed.