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From the ambient glow of downlights to the cool embrace of split systems, SEQSparky is Brisbane's beacon for all electrical needs.

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Dive into Our World of Electrical Excellence

Electrical Mastery

Experience the future of electrical solutions today. From modern appliance installations to intricate power setups, we're Brisbane's first choice for all things electric.

Luminous Lighting Solutions

Illuminate every corner of your space with our curated lighting services. Whether it's the soft glow of wall lights or the brilliance of downlights, we bring light to life.

Climate Control with Air Conditioning

Brisbane's seasons have nothing on our air conditioning services. Split systems, ducted solutions, or maintenance – we ensure you're comfortable, no matter the weather.

Fortified Security Systems

Sleep soundly with our cutting-edge security offerings. From alarms that alert to cameras that capture, we're all about keeping Brisbane's homes and businesses safe.

Drive into the Future with Electric Car Charging

Embrace the electric revolution. Our top-tier charging installations ensure your electric vehicles are always ready to roll.

Comprehensive Inspection Services

Safety first, always. Our meticulous inspection services, from smoke alarms to full electrical safety checks, ensure your systems are both efficient and safe.